NPK Fertilizer Double Roller Granulator is the key equipment for compound fertilizer granulation. It uses squeezing principle to form fertilizer particles with diameters of 3.5-10mm in one time. The shape and size of the ball socket on the roller shell can be customized by customer. Dry type fertilizer Double Roller Granulator has higher granulating ratio of over 95%. With no drying technology, materials will be pressed into ball shape to meet the requirements of compound fertilizer production in Compound Fertilizer Double Roller Granulator.
After inspect the machines, we come to meeting room and talked about the contract details and the production process, the npk fertilizer production process is very advanced, firstly, the raw materials will be weighed and batched according to recipe, then the premix will go to the double shaft mixer for even mixing, and then the mixed materials will go to double roller granulator for granulation, after granulation, the granules will go through the vibrating screen to classify the desired product, the unqualified product will go back to to granulator for granulation again, and the qulified product go to automatic packing machine into bags for storage.

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