Disc type mixer


The fertilizer disc mixer is also called vertical mixer. It is mainly used for raw materials mixing in compound fertilizer production. With the features of no sticky and even mixing, pan mixer manufactured by us has captured clients’ minds and hearts, and long been loved by fertilizer producers from different areas.
The blender can be installed on the ground with or without frame. When the machine is installed on the frame, belt conveyor is used to feed the material. Feeder can be provided as per customers’ requirements.

Feature & Advantages

1.The design of the whole machine is reasonable and the performance is optimized;
2. easy to use and maintain;
3. firm and reliable, long life using;
4. good mixing quality and high efficiency in fertilizer vertical mixing machine for fertilizer.
5. easy to operate, fast discharge speed
6. low energy consumption, low noise from organic fertilizer vertical mixer.

Working Principle

The fertilizer blender is composed of motor, cycloidal reducer, mixing disc, agitating shaft, agitating arm and discharge port. When the fertilizer mixing machine works, the cycloidal reducer drives the main shaft, which drives the agitating arm in turn. There are some small shovels set on the agitating arms. The arms and shovels fully mix the raw materials in the disc. Open the discharging port under the disc, the materials will be discharged and fall on the belt conveyor to be sent to the fertilizer granulator.

Technical Parameter

Model Volume (m3) Motor Capacity (t/h) Dimension mm
GTM-18P 1.05 11 3-5 1900*1876*1620
GTM-20P 1.57 15 4-6 2100*2076*1890
GTM-22P 1.91 18.5 6-8 2350*2316*2072
GTM-25P 2.94 22 7-9 2700*2650*2400
GTM-30P 4.95 37 8-12 3200*3150*2530
GTM-36P 8.14 55 10-14 3900*3800*3100

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