Double shaft mixer


The double shaft mixer is often chosen for its ability to create a homogeneous mixture from both wet and dry ingredients, especially in fertilizer production process. It adopts two opposite spiral blades to stir and transport the raw materials. Regardless of particle size, shape and density, materials are mixed with a fast, efficient and gentle action in double shaft mixer. The mixing machine achieves a really high capacity mixing of bulk solids.
The mixer includes twin bomb-bay door openings for fast, efficient discharging and to minimize segregation during discharge. The unit is available in stainless steel for sanitary applications. Custom sizes, finishes, and materials of construction are available upon request.

Feature & Advantages

1).The double shaft mixer is a new type of blending machine for compost, manure,concentrated
fertilizer,additive premix,feed stuff,fodder, etc.
2). In order to improve the mixing uniformity; we use new rotor structure, the rotor and mixing chamber are so close to the minimum gap which can be adjusted to zero mm,
3). The double shaft mixer can reduce the material residues; with oil added channels inside, the overall structure is more reasonable with beautiful appearance, easy to operate.

Working Principle

The materials enter the tank body of the mixer through the feeding port. The two mixing shafts rotate reversely under the motor drive. The mixing shaft is equipped with mixing blades. The mixing blades are distributed in a spiral line on the mixing shaft. The materials are driven by the rotation of the mixing blades and then move in the same direction to complete the mixing effect.
In the overlapping area between the two mixing shafts of the double shaft conveying mixer, materials with different rotation directions are extruded and kneaded with each other, which improves the mixing effect of materials. When investors choose small organic fertilizer production line, fecal powder fertilizer production line, chicken manure granular fertilizer production line and disc granulator production line, we will select mixing equipment according to the process requirements. The double axis mixer is suitable for many kinds of fertilizer production processes.

Technical Parameter

Model Motor Rotating Speed(RPM) Capacity (t/h) Dimension  (mm)
GTM-8030D 18.5kw 52 10-20 4950*1650*800
GTM-1050D 22kw 52 15-25 6000*1900*1000

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