Compound Fertilizer Production Line


Compound fertilizer production line or Compound fertilizer plant is mainly used for producing Compound fertilizer. The line adopts double roller press granulator which has large capacity for fertilizer granulation, and no need drying, having small investment and low power consumption.The press rollers of the compound fertilizer granulator machine can be designed to make different shapes and sizes of materials.

The compound fertilizer manufacturing plant include automatic batching machine, mixer machine, double roller press granulator or roller compaction granulator, belt conveyor, rotary dryer, rotary cooler, rotary screen, rotary drum coating machine, automatic packing machine and chain crusher. We provide complete sets of equipment for Compound fertilizer production and solutions for our esteemed customers!

Feature & Advantages

1. Double roller granulator machine adopt strong mechanical pressure to form the granules, no need to heat or humidify raw materials;
2. Suitable for heat sensitive materials, such as ammonium bicarbonate
3. No need for drying process, low investment, low power consumption.
4.No waste water or waste gas emission, no environmental pollution.
5. Uniform particle size distribution, no segregation and agglomeration.
6. Compact layout, advanced technology, stable operation, easy maintenance.
7. Easy operation, easy to realize automatic control, increasing production efficiency.
8. Wide raw materials application range, no special properties requirement
We have taken full consideration of user experience when designing and manufacturing fertilizer machines.

Working Principle

1.Automatic Batching Machine for Compound Fertilizer Production Line
Firstly, various materials are proportioned as per the formula by the 4-10 bins batching machine, which can complete materials batching automatically with high accuracy and high efficiency, thus the quality of the fertilizer is ensured. After batching, the materials are conveyed to the mixer Machine.

2. Mixer Machine for compound fertilizer manufacturing process
We adopt automatic and continuous mixer machine in this compound fertilizer production line. The cycloidal reducer drives the main shaft to rotate, and in turn drives the agitating spiral/screw. With the stirring of agitating screw and small shovels on them, the raw materials are fully mixed. After mixing, the materials are discharged from the outlet at the bottom. The inner side of the mixer can adopts polypropylene plate or stainless steel, which makes the materials not easily sticky, and abrasion resistance.

3. Double Roller Press Granulator / Double Roller Compacting Granulator for compound fertilizer production line
By the belt conveyor, the well mixed raw materials are conveyed to the pan feeder, which feeds the materials evenly into the four roller press granulator or roller compaction granulator under the feeder through the hopper. By the counter-rotating high pressure rollers, the materials are extruded into slices. The slices flow down to the crushing chamber under the press roller, where they are crushed by the crushing rollers and screened to get the required granular. The press rollers adopt new type metal which is resistant to corrosion, wear and impact.

4. Rotary Screening Machine for Compound Fertilizer Production Line
By the belt conveyor, the granules from the extrusion granulator are sent to the rotary screening machine, where unqualified granules pass through the screen aperature and discharge through the outlet at the bottom, then conveyed back to the pan feeder, while qualified granules flow out through the outlet at the lower end of the machine and conveyed to the finished products warehouse.

5. Automatic Packing Machine for Compound Fertilizer Production Line
Through the finished products warehouse, the qualified granules are weighed and packed by the automatic packing machine. The unit consists of automatic weighing and packing machine, conveying device, sealing device and feeder. It has the features of high weighing precision, stable operation, low power consumption, and small land occupancy.

Technical Parameter

Item Name Model

Overall Dimensions

L x W x H(mm)


Capacity (t/h)


Qty (set)

Automatic Batching Machine PLZ-1200 800X1300X2300 8-15 9 1
Chain Crusher LF-800II 1300X750X1900 8-10 2*18.5 1
Mixer Machine SJ-8030 3500X1250X1550 8-10 11 1
Roller Press Granulator DGZ-2 1630x850×1650 8-10 4*22 4
Rotary Screening Machine GS1860 7000x2200×3000 8-12 5.5 1
Automatic Packing Machine DCS-50 1000*1000*2200 3-8bags/min 3 1
Belt Conveyor       18 6
Dust Settling Chamber Drawing is provided       1
Hot Air Furnace Drawing is provided       1

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