Bucket Elevator


The bucket elevator is suitable for vertically conveying powdery, granular, and block materials, as well as for sharpening materials. Gate is a professional bucket elevator manufacturer, this article will introduce this machine in detail.

Feature & Advantages

Our Bucket Elevator Conveyor is built to the highest quality in the industry. Our elevator buckets are built to last and will perform under the most demanding of applications. bucket conveyor elevator is built to be maintenance friendly and are designed with your maintenance team in mind.

We provides customers with the knowledge to properly operate and maintain their equipment for optimal performance. Every Bucket Elevating Conveyor is fitted and matched marked before shipping to ensure an easy onsite installation.

Every bucket Elevating Conveyor is custom built to the customer’s specifications.

We have the experience and expertise to Elevate Your Conveying Standards! to get the Bucket Elevator Price, pls contact us.

Application of Bucket Elevator conveyor

we are the Bucket Elevator Factory and Bucket Elevator Manufacturer in china for more than 30 years. the Bucket Elevator is designed for gentle handling and are well suited for a broad range of bulk products in the food, agriculture, fertilzier, pharmaceutical, chemical, metallurgical and other industries. The elevating buckets are overlapping at the inlets to prevent spillage and can be selectively tipped at the outlets.

Working Principle

The bucket elevator adopts inflow feeding, the material flows into the hopper and then lifted to the top through the plate chain. The material discharged through material gravity. This series of elevator machine has many specifications, wide lifting capacity, high production capacity, low energy consumption, and so on. It can gradually replace other types of conveyors. The machine adopts a fully enclosed casing with low chain speed and almost no returning phenomenon, so the power loss is low, the noise is low, and the service life is long.

Technical Parameter

Model TH160 TH250 TH315 TH400
Type of hopper Q H Q H Q H Q H
Capacity(m3/h) 5.4 9.6 12 22 17 30 24 46
Bucket width(mm) 160 160 250 250 315 315 400 400
Bucket volume(L) 0.5 0.9 1.3 2.2 2 3.6 3.1 5.6
Pitch of buckets(mm) 280 280 360 360 400 400 480 480
Belt width(mm) 200 200 300 300 400 400 500 500
Speed(m/s) 1.4 1.4 1.6 1.6 1.6 1.6 1.8 1.8

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