Deodorization Tower


we are the deodorization tower factory and deodorization supplier in china, it is mainly used for used for removing the small molecule odor in oil or organic wastes fermentation, must be equipped with vacuum distillate, capture, high temperature heat exchange system , etc.

Feature & Advantages

The deodorization tower is mainly used for oil deodorization. It is a kind of distiller used to remove odor in the distillate under high temperature and high vacuum. It is commonly used for distillation of heat sensitive materials or separation of substances and impurities with high boiling point under normal pressure.

Working Principle

The deodorization tower is the main equipment for plant oil in production of cooking oil and salad oil. In addition, in the deodorization and distillation of oil, the boiling points of odor components and oil are different, even under the same temperature, the saturated vapor pressure of odor components is larger and the boiling point is lower, while the saturated vapor pressure of oil is smaller with higher boiling point. So the odor component is a low boiling point volatile substance, easy to be removed from the oil. Next, in the deodorization process, free fatty acids can be removed simultaneously, and the smoke point, the color and the stability of the oil can be get the deodorization tower price and more details, pls contact us immediately.

Technical Parameter

Model Capacity(t/d) Diameter(mm) Working Temperature(℃) Vacuum degree(MPa)
LYP200 50-110 2000 ≤260 ≤0.096
LYP280 110-120 2800 ≤260 ≤0.096
LYP340 160-330 3400 ≤260 ≤0.096
LYT80 200 800 ≤260 ≤0.096
LYT120 300 1200 ≤260 ≤0.096
LYT160 400 1600 ≤260 ≤0.096
LYT200 500 2000 ≤260 ≤0.096
LYT240 600 2400 ≤260 ≤0.096

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