Rotary Screening Machine


we are Rotary screening Machine Manufacturer and Rotary screening Machine Factory, the rotary screening machine is widely used to separate and classify the organic fertilizer, compound fertilizer, chemical, mining, metallurgy, construction, agriculture, food, etc.
The qualified products will go through it to the coating equipment ,while the coarse and unqualified granules will be recycled to the previous procedure to granulate again.

Feature & Advantages

1.It could screen most kinds of fertilizer granules and the effect is good.
2.Low investment costs,high capability ,energy converation and environmental protection.
3.Easy structure,convenient operation and maintenance
4.Strong capability and save energy.

Working Principle

The motor drives the vibrator via v-belt, which makes the screen do a cyclical reciprocating in the direction of vibrator. The materials are sieved by making round movement in the screen.

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Technical Parameter

Model Diameter(mm) Length(mm) Capacity(t/h) Power(Kw) Rotation Speed (rpm)
GS1020 1000 2000 1-2 3 21
GS1030 1200 3000 2-3 3 21
GS1240 1500 4000 3-5 4 18
GS1540 1500 4000 5-8 5.5 16
GS1560 1500 6000 8-12 5.5 16
GS1860 1800 6000 12-18 7.5 14
GS2080 2000 8000 18-25 11 12

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